Hello Camp Joy family! Thank you so much for the continued support and prayers, as we try to figure out how to navigate through the COVID 19.  Throughout all of this, we will follow state guidelines, and guidelines issued by Ottertail County.  At this moment overnight camps are not allowed to operate, but we are hoping that the governor will allow Camps to begin by July 5th.  Keep checking our website from time to time for the most recent updates.  With July 5th as our hope and prayer, we have settled on a plan for the summer.

Upper Elementary 1 from June 14 – 18 will move to August 9 – 13

Lower Elementary from June 21 – 24 will move to July 5 – 8

Junior High 1 from July 5 – 10 will be canceled.

Other than those three camps, our schedule will remain the same.  Unfortunately we had to reduce our Junior High camps to only 1 camp, with space for 50.  If your student is going into 6th grade, we ask that you sign them up for a 4-6 grade camp instead of the 6-8 grade camp in order to keep as much space available for other campers.  Here is what we will be doing to ensure the safety of all our staff and campers throughout the summer:

  1. Increased emphasis on personal hygiene and hand washing, with hand sanitation stations located throughout camp.

  2. We are going to limit the numbers of campers to 50 per week.  We will space campers out throughout activities, dining times, and chapel sessions the best that we can.

  3. More cleaning! Throughout the day, staff will be sanitizing door handles and other areas where campers are using equipment.

  4. We will have additional staff for cleaning, and to fill in if a staff member is feeling under the weather, to ensure only healthy staff members are in contact with campers.

If you have registered for either of the three camps that are changing dates/canceled, you will receive a phone call within the next two week to see if you would like us to transfer your dates of camp, or if you would like a refund.

God has done incredible things at school where I teach through this event, and I believe that he is orchestrating incredible things at camp for this summer as well.  Thank you all for being patient. Continue to pray for our campers, staff and the whole Camp Joy family this summer!

Work Day May 23

With the stay at home order lifted, we are going to have our work day this Saturday, May 23rd. Our priority will be cleaning, and getting a few tasks done.  Here is what the day will look like.  We will maintain social distancing, and limit the number of people that are in buildings.  Please bring a mask and wear it!  Also, we will not provide any food this year.  If you plan to stay through lunch, bring a sack lunch, and enjoy the outside with a family picnic.  If you have any questions, send Matt an email.  Thank you so much for all you do for camp! We love you!  Covid 19 updates will be coming very soon!


We are so thankful for a good God who keeps us in his hands.  We love all of you! Here are some updates:

At this point Camp is going to limit the campers to no more than 50 campers.  This will give us the ability to practice more social distancing, and free up staff to clean and sanitize throughout the day.  This may change, depending on State direction, and we may be given the go ahead to increase our numbers.  At this point no camp has reached that capacity, and if we become full, you will be put on a waiting list, with the possibility of still being able to attend.  As of right now, our schedule has not changed, but we will continue to update our community, as we may move some of our earlier June camps later into the summer.