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Lower Elementary

Grades 1-4
June 20-23
$135 before 4/1/2021
$150 after 4/1/2021

This is a shorter three day week allowing our littlest campers an opportunity to play, worship, and learn of God’s great Love. This week is designed for younger kids and for first time campers. It is highly supervised and a safe opportunity for the eager camper to participate. This week is the start of many great adventures and fun packed summers for kids at Camp Joy!

Upper Elementary

Grades 4-6
July 18-22
August 1-5
$145 before 4/1/2021
$160 after 4/1/2021

This Camp is a blast! The fun happens over four fantastic days. There are many wonderful opportunities to partake in including swimming, games, skits, chapel, dinning, and hanging out with our amazing staff! This week of camp is so much fun!

2 weeks are offered for 4th-6th grade - June and July.

Middle School

Grades 6-8
June 27- July 2
July 11-16
$155 before 4/1/2021
$170 after 4/1/2021


This camp is an incredible week.  Middle school campers are beginning to make their Christian Faith their own.  This is a week where they can ask questions, have a ton of fun, and get to know each other in a fun-filled week at beautiful Star Lake.

TWO weeks are being offered this summer!

High Teens

Grades 9-12 & '21 grads
July 25-30
$155 before 4/1/2021
$170 after 4/1/2021

Highly Relational! This is a week of gathering! We have saved the best for last! Less structure more fun. This week is your chance to connect with those friends you grew up with! High Teens is a chance to do all the things you enjoy! Late nights, sleeping in, an awesome speaker, seminars, and surprises along the way! This camp always “ends too soon”.


Family Camp

All Ages!
June 24 - 27
July 8 - 11
Prices vary
Register today!

Come enjoy the lake with your family over these four days and three nights.  We will house you, feed you, clean up your dishes, and you will have lots of free time on beautiful Star Lake!  There will be several optional activities set up throughout the weekend, as well as chapels and a speaker.

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